EQUALLY started in October 2021 on the second floor of a bar in a multi-tenant building in Roppongi.

At the time, the location was operating as a bar in the evenings, and we started out by renting the space during the day when the bar was closed.

Owner chef Tomono Koichi, who trained as a pastry chef, is devoted to developing and serving crepes, and operates daily under the concept of "a crepe shop made by a pastry chef," gradually increasing awareness among customers and eventually moving the restaurant from Roppongi to Omotesando.

We then prepared for a physical store by participating in special events and special events at department stores, and on May 15, 2024, we opened our first physical store, "EQUALLY," in Gotokuji, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.

At EQUALLY, you can enjoy not only delicious crepes but also relaxing time.

We will communicate the vision that EQUALLY holds.

about us
- A crepe specialty store made by a pastry chef -
『Every day is an equally important day.』
A day that passes by without any hustle or a day that involves facing yourself and your loved ones
Both are equally important days.
There are many times when time passes by without us noticing, day by day.
In the gaps of their daily lives, they came to EQUALLY.
to you
"It was delicious. I had fun." Maybe a little bit.
When the day ends
I want to be a part of making people think that today was a good day.
We want to be a store that is there for you during those precious days.
We named it "EQUALLY" with this idea in mind.
Pastry-making techniques put into a single crepe
Pastry chef's fresh cream
A combination unique to pastry chefs
Selected top quality materials